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About Juli Juteau



I started my professional career as a documentary filmmaker, a field that offered me the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with a multitude of people. Over and over again, I found myself so engaged in getting to know a new person, I always wished the interviews wouldn't end. When I decided to broaden my horizons and become a psychotherapist, I discovered I could finally fulfill that desire--and more! In therapy, the "interview" becomes an on-going relationship dedicated to the exploration and understanding of the client, their inner workings, their relationships, their healing, their dreams and their goals. Being allowed to share in the self-discovery and evolution of another person is a true gift.


  • School Counselor through Outreach Concern K-8

  • Associate Therapist at The Maple Counseling Center

  • Associate Therapist at The Wheel of Wellbeing

  • Co-Group Therapist in parenting at Early Childhood Development Associates

Education & Training
  • B.A. in Liberal Studies, University of Santa Barbara

  • M.F.A. in Documentary Film, UCLA

  • M.A. in Psychology, emphasis Mindfulness, Phillips Graduate Institute

  • Gestalt Therapy and neuroplasticity Training, Professors Moon Kerson and Bill Rolfe

  • EMDR, The Institute for Creative Mindfulness, Dr. Steven Dansiger

  • Trained in Vedic Meditation by Light Watkins

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