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Individual Therapy

Take the path to greater self-understanding. Explore what works and what doesn't in your life. Together we will customize a plan to  uncover old ineffective patterns of behavior and rework or replace them with new more productive options.  We will work to integrate new choices into your life so that they "stick". Please see "Approach" page of this site for more information about theoretical methods.


Couples Therapy

With a deep look at building empathy for each other, shift from discord to understanding. By learning preferred communication styles that foster connection instead of conflict, the ultimate goal is to deepen and strengthen your relationship. Even small adjustments can make big changes. Please see "Approach" page of this site for more information about Theoretical Methods for couple's therapy.



"Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing" is a mouthful - but it is a cutting edge technique that is clinically proven to reduce the effects of both single incident trauma that may result in PTSD, and/or longer term complex trauma that may result in more subtle yet pervasive symptoms. Please see the "Approach" page for more information about EMDR.

Happy Family

Parenting Group

With a deep look into Attachment Theory, This informative six-week group informs soon-to-be or new parents on how to raise children to be loving, resilient, confident and productive individuals. 45-minute lecture, 45-minute sharing and discussion make up each 90 minute session. Please see "Approach" page of this site for more information about Attachment theory.

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